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How to Host an In-Store Event

Today's consumers crave creative personal connections as an antidote to online shopping that have taken over our every day, consumable shopping experiences. In-store events are a great way to bring new customers into your store and encourage existing customers to come back. These are our tips for hosting a truly memorable in-store event.


Makeup brands are mixing up exact matches for foundation. Subscription companies are pairing customers with their own style consultants. Creators are sharing every step of their art process on Instagram.

Industry leaders like Shopify and Vend both noted that personalization is one of the biggest shopping trends and it shows no signs of slowing down. Bring in a sense of made-for-them personalization during in-store events to capture your customer's delight.

During your event, ask customers to literally put their mark on pieces by designing personalized engravings for metal products. Think customized sayings, dates, or initials for wine coasters or platters. You can also make stations for them to create custom vinyl monogrammed overlays for glasses or mugs.


When couples spend time together, either away from the kids or the bills, they want that same creative and personalized experience.

During your in-store event, create a date night they don't have to plan or schedule. Instead, add luxurious touches to your store and encourage them to linger.

How can you create a date night experience at your store?

  • Partner with a local chocolatier for a chocolate sampler with truffles and bubbles
  • Bring in community chefs to do demonstrations, like how to make a show-stopping meat and cheese platter (that they get to nibble from throughout the night, obviously!)
  • Host a Do-Good date night by partnering with local charities who could use the help of a few dozen hands


Go beyond date night during your in-store events, as well, and look to your wider community for inspiration.

Know someone who sells gorgeous candles on Etsy? Invite them into the store to give a demonstration using some of your products. Bring in an artist for live painting or music performances. Pair up with a local brewery to do in-store tastings. Or, ask local artisans to host kid's events, a girl's night theme, or wedding party craft experiences with take-home items, like a candle or monogrammed wine glasses.

Ask these community collaborators to spread the word about your event as well, ensuring you bring in as many new customers as possible.


Again, in-store events must provide something online shopping doesn't: a connection or experience they can't get at home.

When you're putting together your in-store event, think of ways to make it more indulgent and luxurious. Can you add gourmet cheese platters around the store? What about offering seasonal cocktails?

Beyond taste, how can you bring in light, sound, and touch to create an experience they'll love? Consider bringing in local musicians or set up an outdoor area for them to linger under the stars.


Once you've put in the work, make sure your community knows about the event. As noted, by working with community partners you can effectively double your reach (or more).

Then, create eye-catching, beautiful graphics or videos about your event. Once you have these, spread the word by:

  • Posting them to your social media accounts and adding location-specific hashtags to find new customers
  • Sending it out to your email followers in the days and weeks leading up to the event
  • Adding event information to your in-store signage
  • Putting a banner or pop-up on your website with details

Remember, an in-store event is both a way to thank your long-time customers and welcome new ones to your shop. Make sure to reach out to both of these groups in all the ways you can.


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